Why CakePHP is still useful?

Jun 17, 2022

CakePHP, created in 2005, still has its assets and is appreciated among developers. On the other hand, with the growth of other frameworks, it became a bit less demanding, and as a consequence, it has a smaller number of specialists in its field. Why then, this framework is still useful? You’ll find out in this article.

Why CakePHP was created?

The creator of CakePHP is Polish developer Michał Tatarynowicz. The initial idea was that this sourcing framework was supposed to help in the quick creation and development of web applications, without the need to write code from scratch. The aim was achieved. Emphasis was also put on the development of ready-made applications and websites that are simple to edit (but also more complicated). The main inspiration for CakePHP was a framework called Ruby on Rails, which was already very popular back in 2005. So, the creators decided to apply similar solutions to CakePHP.

Multifunctionality, extensibility and Model View Controller

CakePHP application is based on the logical division into 3 levels. This is called ‘MVC’ (Model View Controller); it gives a programmer the balance between a wide range of abilities and organising these options.

To use the full potential of CakePHP, this framework requires a developer with befitting knowledge and experience, but it doesn’t change the fact that you can recommend it to those with different levels of proficiency.

Benefits of using CakePHP

CakePHP is considered to be one of the easiest – if not the easiest – PHP frameworks available. It doesn’t mean, however, that this ‘easiness’ is caused by a limited number of functions – it’s quite the opposite. Competent specialists will make use of all its functions such as:

  • great modularity and possibility of development
  • rich documentation
  • official plugins
  • frequent actualisation
  • compatibility with the newest PHP
  • in-build Object-Relational Mapping
  • security (protection from XSS attacks and SQL injection)
  • MVC structure (Model View Controller)

If there is something that brings satisfactory effects and at the same time is not so expensive, clients will be eager to use such a solution. Over the years, we could observe the appearance of more innovative PHP frameworks, and among the most popular ones we will find:

  • Laravel
  • Symphony
  • CodeIgniter
  • Zend Framework
  • Yii Framework
  • Slim

Many programmers have begun specialising in frameworks other than CakePHP. That caused a hardship in finding a specialist, who could further develop clients’ web applications built in the CakePHP framework. If you need such a specialist, then you are in the right place.

We offer support and development of applications created in the CakePHP framework. Besides this, in our offer, you will also find high-quality alternatives, e.g. Laravel. Our specialists are waiting for your challenges and questions.

Who has already trusted CakePHP?

The proof of usefulness is not always popularity, but also what types of brands are looking for a certain solution. Among firms, that have already used CakePHP framework, we will find Corel Inc, Cisco, BitDefender, Men’s Health and… Developers Poland. Yes, our developers know this low-cost framework well and can effectively use all its assets.

For instance, we created the whole Callback24’s backend layer with CakePHP (a tool that generates more phone calls from your website, looks into marketing effectiveness, automates sales processes and optimises the work of employees responsible for contact with clients).