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Efficient 7-Day Recruitment Process for a Senior Go Lang Programmer

Sourcing and Screening

Technical Interviews

Candidate Selection



The client was in need of a highly skilled Senior Go Lang programmer to expand their existing application. They needed to fill the position quickly and efficiently to keep their project on track.


We were engaged to find the right candidate for the client. In just 7 working days of signing the contract, we were able to source 100 candidates, screen them, and conduct internal technical interviews with 9 of the most qualified. Based on task sets and salary ranges, 3 candidates were identified as the best fit for the client’s needs.


The client was able to save time and money on the recruitment process and quickly bring in the needed expertise to expand their application. The entire process was completed in just 7 working days, allowing the client to keep their project on track and meet their deadlines. The new Senior Go Lang programmer was a valuable addition to the team and has contributed to the success of the project.


Sourcing and Screening

We sourced 100 candidates and screened them to identify the best 9 for internal technical interviews.


Technical Interviews

We conducted internal technical interviews with the 9 most qualified candidates to further assess their skills and experience.


Candidate Selection

Based on the technical interviews and task sets, we were able to identify 3 candidates that were the best fit for the client’s needs and present them for final consideration.



We helped facilitate the onboarding process for the selected candidate, who started work the next day.

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