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Hoplandia – Amusement Park

Booking and selling tickets automation


reduce employee workload


the reservation rate increased


jump in ticket sales


growth in hosted events


  • Booking and selling tickets automation for the playroom and trampoline park
  • Reduction of employee involvement in the process of booking and selling tickets
  • Constant monitoring of occupancy in case of too big amount of visitors at one time
  • Monitoring the entrance and exit of the playroom, and possible surcharges for the ticket
  • Launching online sales
  • Determination and monitoring the facility performance indicators
  • Computerization of the loyalty program operation process to increase the return rate to the playrooms.


Our desire is to entertain and make people happy – not only kids but their parents also. The youngest can play, exercise and have fun while adults can spend some time on their own by taking a break from babysitting. Hoplandia and Odskocznia have set the goal of enhancing their customer experience while boosting profitability.

We wanted to provide playroom customers with a modern, efficient way to book a visit without leaving home. As we said so we did. We created an online ticket reservation system featuring different types of tickets, the ability for PayU payment, and the possibility of applying discount codes. To hone the process even further, we put together a dedicated management panel connected to SMSAPI – enabling automated confirmation codes upon booking completion as well as minimizing any potential errors in manual handling. This innovative approach is making a chance for the customers to make a reservation in the easiest possible way. It is also an opportunity for the company to involve their workers in other activities instead of wasting time with arranging bookings via phone.

We implemented a cutting-edge technology solution with an RFID tag to precisely monitor entrance and exit numbers at the facility. To ensure parental consent for use of their children’s images, we added a convenient touch screen system that allowed guardians to electronically sign off on this form. Compared to traditional paper forms this solution makes it simpler than ever before.  The successful implementation of these measures led both us and our client towards meeting all goals set out beforehand.


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The company experienced many profits and increased the number of customers and as a result impressively threefold earnings.


Reduce employee workload

By restructuring the booking and purchasing process, we were able to reduce employee workload in the playroom by 80%, freeing up more time for staff to focus on providing quality experiences.


Saves 70% more time

To ease employee workload and stay on top of playroom occupancy, our team has implemented an efficient monitoring system that saves 70% more time.


The reservation rate increased

Thanks to the newfound booking system, customers are more interested in visiting Hoplandia and Odskocznia – the reservation rate increased by 65%!


Jump in ticket sales

The online world showed its power, as a higher number of bookings resulted in an astronomical jump in ticket sales by 150%, proving that digital transactions are invaluable for success.


Increase in customers returning rate

By optimizing and automatizing the loyalty program , we saw a remarkable 25% increase in customers returning rate to the facility.


Growth in hosted events

By investing in reducing the workload of employees, we were able to significantly increase our capacity and support more celebrations – resulting in an impressive 30% growth in hosted events.

Automation has been a game changer for, making the booking and purchasing experience much more efficient. This not only increased capacity but made it simpler for staff - taking stress away from parents when bringing their children or youth our way! Computerization brought about remarkable results that we can unreservedly recommend to all.

About client is a dynamic children’s entertainment facility located in Opole, Poland. This vast 1000 m2 amusement park and playroom offers a variety of activities including inflatables, trampolines, sponge pools, slides and many many more. While kids are having fun enjoying all of Hoplandia’s attractions, parents have the opportunity to rest and relax.With plenty more adventures waiting within its walls, it’s no surprise why thousands have followed Hoplandia on Facebook already.

Odskocznia is also located in Opole and it is a massive trampoline playground offering an unbeatable range of experiences for all ages. Boasting almost 10 thousand fans on Facebook, this 1000-square meter facility draws so much attention thanks to classic and Olympic trampolines, dodgeball arena, ninja zone with tower jumps onto inflatable cushions and sponge pools. Odskocznia also offers acrobatic classes to improve your skills and organizes birthday parties to make a special day even more memorable.

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