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Callback24 – bespoke SaaS platform

An automated system capable of storing call data in real time and quickly analyzing each one

About client

The client had a vision for an innovative, game-changing SaaS: one that could finally tackle the thorny issues of missed calls and loss of clients. It promised to revolutionize customer acquisition processes; automate sales cycles; identify trends quickly so as to maximize campaign efficiency – all bold goals indeed! To bring this vision into reality, our team was enlisted to develop it from scratch and provide technical support every step of the way.


  • Creating a tool that stores all call data and informs of missed calls required a robust platform that can handle large volumes of data.
  • Designing an intuitive user interface that meets the client’s needs and stands out in the market.
  • Developing and integrating a range of powerful features to achieve the desired results.
  • Ensuring the software is secure and compliant with industry standards and regulations.
  • Automating processes and creating a user experience that encourages customers to continue using the platform.


Our mission was to create SaaS which will revolutionize customer service while cutting time and effort. We set out to develop an automated system capable of storing call data in real time and quickly analyzing each one. Additionally, we designed a widget giving customers the ease of remotely ordering calls as well as a dedicated mobile app for callback requests – all aiming towards improving efficiency through innovative technology.

Our efforts have resulted in an innovative tool – a bespoke SaaS platform – Callback24 that provides a suite of solutions to increase sales and bolster marketing initiatives. Featuring pop-ups, exit pop-ups and a handset widget, clickable for customers to order calls or set call times and two instant messaging services (Smartsupp or Facebook Messenger) enabled for text correspondence, the tool also offers email communication capabilities as well – all set up with ease via code or plug-in installation into websites.

Callback24 provides an easy-to-use dashboard that allows you to quickly configure a business. It is possible to add domains and widgets, add employees and analyse reports of calls (inbound, outbound, callback) – all within just a few clicks. The tool can integrate with many systems, f. e. CRMs, Google Analytics, Facebook Lead Ads, and Zapier to provide a multitude of opportunities for business. We also added a call tracking option to register calls made directly from the website – without using the Callback24 widget. The tool also has a call tracking option, which allows tracking customers’ purchase paths (e.g. you can find out where the customer came from) by tracking calls made directly from the website – without using a widget.

To ensure that customers received the highest level of customer service, we created a phone app for Android and iOS so the consultants can quickly call them back. We wanted customers to have genuine conversations with real individuals ready and willing to assist them in any way possible. At the close of each call, a consultant can assign an appropriate tag to classify whether it was successful in bringing about a sale or dealing with any customer grievances. This information is immediately logged onto our database for easy analytics and future reference.


Cake PHP
Google Analytics
Java Script


Developed an automated system capable of storing call data in real time and quickly analyzing each one.

Designed handset widget, clickable for customers to order calls or set call times.

We have developed an easy-to-use dashboard that allows configuring a business.


An increase in conversions

One of the customers using callback24 noted an increase in conversions by 224% by ensuring customers could connect with knowledgeable consultants quickly and efficiently.


Leads growth

The use of callback24’s widget and pop-up has yielded a surge in leads – an impressive 1696 leads.


Decrease in CPA

By delving deep into customer purchase paths and boosting campaign efficiency, another customer achieved a remarkable 36% decrease in CPA.

The team has done an incredible job of delivering a comprehensive and innovative customer service tool. Their hard work and dedication have resulted in a user-friendly and powerful product. The ability to track calls, integrate with third-party systems, provide mobile support, and more make this a truly unique solution. I am satisfied with the results my customers have achieved through the use of callback24.

Artur Godzik

The owner

Rafał Borecki


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