Polish developers – employees at a premium

Aug 3, 2022

Iga Świątek or Robert Lewandowski? No, it’s not an article about them. However, when we think about ‘most known Polish people’ these two might be the firsts that come to our minds. Besides Polański, Kopernik, Maria Curie Skłodowska, and many other famous people, of course. For us, the ‘exported goods’ that we can be proud of are… Polish developers. Why? You will find out by reading this article.

A developer without a job?

It’s easier to find an alien than an unemployed developer – and that might not be an exaggeration. Recruiters and people working in the IT industry know it well. Both sides have to make a great effort not only to find but first and foremost to convince such a developer to work for them. A good salary is not enough – work atmosphere, additional benefits and incentives also play a role. Become a developer and you’ll open the door to success. What is it that makes developers, especially from Poland, so valuable and in demand in the job market?

Polish developers in the job market in the IT industry

First and foremost it’s all about market saturation. This has not happened yet, and qualified programming specialists are still scarce. Experts from the HR industry forecast, that this demand will last for many more years.

Why do programmers have their hands full? The European Union was a catalyst for countless investments. With the appearance of EU support programmes, digitalisation took a big leap in terms of quality and quantity, and entrepreneurs fell in love with the IT industry. This, however, has shaken up the programming industry. The entry into the European Union gave me a chance to work abroad. As a consequence, it was, and still is, easier to travel and at the same time to move out and live somewhere else. But this was not enough.

The pandemic caused an even greater trend of working from home, so international software development teams are not unusual anymore, and everybody would like to have a Polish developer in the team.

Developers ranking in the world

According to many rankings, and also the one made by HackerRank, in 2019 Poland was one of the top countries that has the best developers; right after China and Russia, and before Hungary and Switzerland. What is interesting, after analysing the ranking above, India and USA are far behind the others. I wonder what people from the Anonymous group, which might be considered as ‘multinational’, would say about this…

‘A Pole can do’ in the IT industry.

We love sayings like this. It reflects a belief in our own skills and engagement. The diligence of our programmers is highly valued in the world. The practical advantage of Polish developers is their language skills – English and German – which is definitely a necessity while programming.

Our aspiration for self-improvement is also greatly appreciated because without it a developer can’t be successful. High salaries and attractiveness of this job among young people, rapidly change the situation in the job market and give the IT industry more and more specialists.
Programming courses for the youngest, the pressure on STEM subjects in schools, high-quality higher education, universities that can hold more and more students and last but not least – the resourcefulness and knowledge of a Polish person. Let’s hope that the next person winning the Turing Award will be a Pole.

Good developers from Poland – how to find them?

To sum up, a Polish developer is valued abroad. Polish developer is at a premium, also in our country. Polish developers can choose a satisfying job offer among others. A developer is a job of the present and the future, so the number of people doing this job should increase in no time. The overabundance of developers, if it will ever happen, it’s rather an issue of the future. How to find a good developer right now? It’s good to work with the recruitment team. Offer a competitive salary, interesting benefits and incentives, and make sure that the work at your firm is pleasant and comfortable.

You can also act faster and hire a developer for just a few hours. This is called Staff augmentation – in other words extending a team of developers of particular skills. If you look for such a solution, feel free to contact us. This solution might be much more profitable than hiring an IT department that, without a doubt, cost a lot.

Do you need the best developers for your team?