Migrating from CakePHP 3 to CakePHP 4

Aug 4, 2023

The world of software development is in a constant state of evolution. As technology advances, so too do the tools and frameworks that developers use to create cutting-edge applications. CakePHP, a robust open-source PHP framework, is no exception. CakePHP 4.4. brought a suite of enhancements and new features that make the case for migration from CakePHP 3 quite compelling. Therefore, we explore why it’s worth migrating to CakePHP 4, the advantages it offers, and what has changed in this new version.

Why is it worth migrating?

The most immediate reason to migrate to CakePHP 4 instead of staying on the old version, is that it represents the latest stable release, meaning it has the most recent security patches and bug fixes. Moreover, CakePHP 3 is approaching its end of life, making it vulnerable to potential security threats.

On a broader level, CakePHP 4 offers numerous improvements that enhance developer productivity and application performance, making it an enticing prospect for developers and businesses alike.

Advantages of Migrating to CakePHP 4

Under the banner of “Advantages of Migrating to CakePHP 4,” it’s clear that the world of web development is evolving, and so are the tools we use. CakePHP has not remained static. With the introduction of CakePHP 4, developers are provided with a suite of new capabilities and optimizations. Let’s then explore why transitioning to this updated version is a strategic move for those seeking a more powerful solution:

1. Improved Performance: CakePHP 4 boasts a streamlined codebase which leads to faster applications. Speed and performance optimizations have been a key focus in this release, leading to more efficient apps, even under heavy loads.

2. Enhanced ORM: Object-Relational Mapping (ORM) system has been fine-tuned, offering better performance and more accessible query building. The enhanced ORM also supports complex data types, allowing developers to manage more sophisticated data structures.

3. Better Error Handling: New error handling system, which gives developers more control over exception handling and error logging. This improvement makes diagnosing and fixing problems easier, reducing downtime and increasing app stability.

4. Deprecation Warning System: A system that warns developers about the use of deprecated features. This helps maintain cleaner, more secure code and aids in preparing the application for future upgrades.

5. PSR-15 Middleware: CakePHP 4 supports the PSR-15 standard for server request handlers so you can use any PSR-15 compatible middleware available on The Packagist.

6. Improved Test Suite: Updated test suite that simplifies the testing process, thereby improving code quality and reducing the likelihood of bugs making it into the production environment.

What is new in CakePHP 4?

While migration involves some effort, understanding what has changed in CakePHP 4 can help smooth the transition. Let’s see what is new in CakePHP4:

1. PHP 7.2+: What is the minimum PHP version for CakePHP 4? CakePHP 4 requires PHP 7.2 or above. CakePHP 4.4 requires PHP 7.4. This requirement allows developers to take advantage of the latest PHP features and improvements.

2. Deprecated Features Removed: CakePHP 4 removes deprecated features from previous versions. While this may require code changes during migration, it ultimately leads to cleaner, more efficient code.

3. ORM Changes: CakePHP 4 includes changes to the ORM system, including the addition of complex data types and improvements to query building. 

4. Significant Changes: The previous folders with the names ‘locale’, and ‘template’ have been slightly modified. After this change, adjustments should be applied in config/app.php in the paths. Rector is required, so if it hasn’t been used before, it can be easily added to the composer.

5. Error Handling: The way CakePHP handles errors has changed. The ErrorHandler and ConsoleErrorHandler classes are now deprecated. They have been replaced by the new ExceptionTrap and ErrorTrap.

Choose us for migrating from CakePHP 3 to 4

In conclusion, migrating from CakePHP 3 to CakePHP 4 offers a host of advantages, from improved performance and streamlined coding practices to better error handling and enhanced ORM. While the migration process might seem daunting initially, the long-term gains in terms of security, codebase maintainability, and application performance make it a worthwhile endeavour.

If you are struggling with upgrading to the new version – we’re here to simplify your journey. We have a team of experienced CakePHP specialists who have worked on a wide range of projects for several years. We pride ourselves on our deep understanding of CakePHP, and our commitment to providing top-notch service to our clients.

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